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Shes A Riot

Mobiles user click here:  SHE/S A RIOT directed by Julia Sokolnicka

The makers of such favorites as “Have Gun Will Shoot” & “Tapas Me More” now bring you “Gotta Look My Best If We’re Gonna Break Up…” It’s not with you think guys!  This is actually the title of the latest line for SHE/S A RIOT indie clothing company.  Based out of Warsaw, Poland, SHE/S A RIOT is a fun, flirty line, with a feminine edge that is jerking the attention of the indie design world right now.  The best way to describe SHE/S A RIOT is like a hipster, wrapped in vintage, sprinkled with high fashion.  Ewelina
Kustra, (designer), has really knocked this collection out of the park – Electric color combinations and modern pieces with a classic twist…  What more could a girl ask for!!!  We could go on and on…. but you be the judge!

View more of SHE/S A RIOT at: and check out our latest installment of  SHE/S A RIOT   here!

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