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Rachel Park Designs Custom Handmade Designer Ties

A man’s tie should compliment his suit and the secondary color (of the tie) should match his dress shirt. In other words, match your tie to your clothing and not your clothing to your tie. Your tie can make every bit of the difference between looking refined or that of an amateur.  Since 2005, Rachel Park has been steadily designing custom ties that are both bold and striking in personality. The beauty of designers such as Rachel Park, is the ability to own a tie that is not massively produced. Each of Rachel’s ties are handmade and can be custom ordered for special events such as weddings. I’ve always favored owning ties that are well designed and distinctive, as they give you a exclusivity and a refined style that is reflective of one’s personality.

Inspired by the need for men’s neckwear and frustrated with the humdrum selection available, the idea of Rachel Park Designs was born. But she initially faced a bit of an uphill battle. With most office attire being business casual, ties were no longer a part of the standard daily uniform. Unfazed, she persevered in her goal to always make ties that they actually wanted to wear. -Rachel Park

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Handemade Ties

  Who says women can’t wear ties? In response, she produced a line of ties just for her featuring vivid colors and dynamic prints. More feminine in fabric, shorter, and skinnier than their standard male counterpart, her ties just for the ladies bring colorful style to that serious suit or favorite pair of dark jeans. Whether worn as a tie or belt, these versatile accessories go everywhere she does.  -Rachel Park

Rachel Park Designs Custom Handmade Designer Ties
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