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Totali Fashion by – Tali Ben Naim


Elegant HoodieElegant Gray Dress

So often designers like Tali Ben Naim are over shadowed in the independent design world by cocktail dress designers and ironwork jewelry designers. She reminds us that “indie design” is not limited to an outrageous pair of hand painted platforms (though we must never forget the importance of hand painted platforms…) but also to the designers of women’s everyday apparel. Totali Fashion was realized when  Tali was working as a waitress. Fresh out of college, already familiar with her sense of style, Tali and her coworkers came up with the name Totali Fashion, and the rest is history.

My favorite feature of Tali’s style is how down to earth she is. Everything in her collection is wearable, reasonably priced, and practical without sacrificing high fashion. Her goal is for women wearing her clothes to hear someone say”I really like your outfit.” When you can show people how to feel amazing while turning a few heads, you might just be on to something.


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