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Founded in 2002, Dolo Clothing Co. is forward-thinking brand that encourages you to do something on your own without the help or advice of others. Dolo also brings a unique style to current street wear by promoting non- violence, individuality, and optimism all rolled into one complete package. The beauty of Dolo is its reach beyond a set demographic. Dolo’s target market is steps beyond the city and suburbs, giving each individual the ability to express themselves in a fresh and respectable manner.

Stop Violence Shirt
Dolo Clothing is a voice, a movement, a statement, an inspiration and a way of life; forged in hard work, drive and creativity. Founded in 2002, Dolo Clothing Co. is a progressive street inspired brand that is set apart by social consciousness and optimism. Dolo is having the courage to bring forth your individuality. To go against the grain, to be a rebel for a cause and “stand for something” you strongly believe in.
Our focus is to encourage and strengthen a voice that may not be heard, but may one day be the “spark for change”. In Dolo Clothing Co., we promote and market a product that strengthens the outlook on society as well as portrays an image that the whole world can believe in, and it begins with “one’s self”.

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    it means penis in an south american language (dolo)