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Siren Steampunk Society Cuff

Works of steampunk often feature anachronistic technology, or futuristic innovations as Victorians might have envisioned them, based on a Victorian perspective on fashion, culture, architectural style, and art. This technology includes such fictional machines as those found in the works of H. G. Wells and Jules Verne, or the contemporary authors Philip Pullman, Scott Westerfeld and China Mieville. -Wikipedia

There is much confusion on the subject of steampunk. Many say it’s nothing more than a movement that will eventually fall into obscurity, and others claim it’s ¬†nothing more than a lost romance of steam pioneering. Whatever the consensus, one thing is certain about the steampunk movement. It’s purely awesome! Tadashii the founder and creator of JustUsPunks!, has created several mesmerizing steampunk pieces.

Steampunks Cog Watch
Steampunks Cog Watch

We cater to a generation of originality, a community of strength, and a world of diversity to give the world the edge it needs, and the ATTITUDE only JustUsPunks! can offer. Always Rock, Roll, and DOMINATE!

This fiery red feathered spiked steampunk society cuff invokes the intoxicating spirit of danger and beauty all rolled into one.

Either crafted with surgical steel or brass, JustUsPunks! creates edgy would-be Victorian steam age pieces with a modern twist. Either they’re decked out with brilliant colors, spiked studs or large gears, it becomes apparent Tadashii is quite imaginative. Far from over done, every stud, compass or feather completes the finishing piece without creating an unwanted overcast.

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*Updated 04.28.2012

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