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After being laid off in 2008, Greg Salas launched LASCO vowing to perfect and hone his skills for a start-up of his own. Three years later, America was introduced with a 100% USA handmade and domestically sourced sneaker.  According to LASCO critics, an American shoe company would  never see the light of day. Well, Salas proved them wrong.  Since launch, LASCO Brand sneakers have been amazingly popular and rightfully so. Here we have a company creating high-quality comfortable leather shoes with an added bonus of U.S. jobs. What is there not to love?

LASCO American Made Leather ShoesLASCO American Made Leather Shoes

Salas understood from the beginning, America can remain competitive in the Global Market by creating a higher quality product at a decent price. Salas was correct.  Recently LASCO  has suffered a major setback by Gerber Technology. According to LASCO, The main problem we found a few weeks ago is that Gerber sold us a machine that was completely different then the machine we originally tested. To make matters worse, the DXF files the machine is “suppose” to read, requires a “Special Software System” that Gerber sells separately (just told us today). After talking with Gerber today, they are unwilling to take back the machine and now want to charge us $90k to upgrade the head to the machine it was “suppose” to be.1/26/2012 via Facebook 

LASCO American Made Leather Shoes

To cover the cost of the upgrade that is necessary for LASCO’s production, LASCO will be launching a Kickstarter Campaign  to have their new line of sneakers started for the following season. Once launched, a link will be posted on Envynde in full support of LASCO. Though donations are not mandatory, we urge our readers to help support Indie Designers like the Los Angeles Shoe Company.

LASCO American Made Leather Shoes

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