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The Pin Show – The “What?” and the “Why?”

The original idea for the Pin Show Dallas, sparked in 2007, was  to give emerging designers a platform to be seen.  Knowing how easy it is for a new designer to feel like a small fish in a big pond, designer and business woman Julie McCullough saw the potential opportunities the Pin Show could provide.  This annual event gives fledgling designers a chance to spread their wings in front of Dallas’ most influential crowd.
The “Who?”
The original founders (as well as independent designers themselves) were Rachel Nichelson and Julie McCullough Kim.  Together they spawned this incredible event drawing in hungry designers and hordes of fashion enthusiasts.  This year the Pin Show was under the new combo Julie and her new partner Bryan Embry.  Together they took an already spectacular event and turned it into a colossal beast of a fashion show.

Pin Show Dallas 2012

Pin Show Time
The night began with cocktails and elbow rubbing amongst Dallas’ finest; fashion designers, buyers, boutique owners fashionistos and fashionistas alike where tightly packed in the immense room eagerly awaiting the unveiling.  The show began and a captive audience watched as hundreds of brilliant new looks filled the runway.  This year the show featured just under 40 designers, which was almost double the number of designers in years past.  Some argue this made the show drag slightly, while others were thrilled that the fashion goodness just kept coming.  One thing that everyone can agree on is the immeasurable amount of talent in the room that night, with such an impressive fashion roster:

SAKIA LEK Krystal Raqual Designs Ashlee Brooks
La Mère Couture Mario Alberto The House of MacGregor
Sharon Clay Fashions CherelleYvette Emmanuel Tobias
Dimovi Shemara Couture IZAVEL
emm8 Vintage Rose by Cio Barron & J
Katastrophic DI-O Original
Kachi Designs Lucy Dang Student Designers
MegMorgan by SHONA    The Wright Look
d.p.c. D.I.O.S. (     Mitsuteru Ishikawa
Rubys & Olives Marek+RichardUnderwear Co.     Shannon Elwood
Tashumbra. STATUS    Jay W. Grishby, Jr.
Yomono folksie

Here is a quick sample from some of the above designers.  Check back in for more soon!

Pin Show Dallas 2012

Attendees of past Pin Shows will tell you there was a noticeable difference in this years event.  Envynde would love to hear your thoughts and we invite you to leave your comments.

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