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Waraire Boswell

 WARAIRE “WB” BOSWELL specializes in unique bespoke products for a kaleidoscope of discerning clientele. WB’s bespoke service was created for the reclusive, flamboyant & conservative alike. The bespoke process allows patrons tailor made attire, unique fit, specialized buttons, lining & infinite detail. This bespoke service allows patron access to choice styles & invites the patron to be part of the artistic course of action. The result is fabulously personalized & tailored garments, unique & royal to the touch.

Waraire Boswell is proof that dedication and persistence is vital to  your success as an Indie designer. Clueless of the fashion realm, Boswell decided to produce a personal line of men bespoke suits that focused on customer and quality first. Towering at the height of 6’7, Boswell understood the needs of a modern day giant and took the initiative to capitalize on this niche market.Find more at:

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