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Whodini Handmade Mustache Wallet Designs
Whodini Handmade Mustache Wallet Designs

     If you or your mate has a wallet that suffers from multiple card wounds and makes you cringe upon departure, look no further than Whodini Handmade Mustache Wallets. Rather than purchasing another mediocre “Pleather” wallet, I ask you to take a fine look at Whodini Handmade Designs. Screen printed from his small shop located in Santa Ana, California, Whodini  wallets are sure to capture one’s attention with upon payment of goods.  Whodini Mustache Wallets are 100% handmade and each are unique for both men and women.

Whodini Handmade Mustache Wallet Designs

 Meticulous craftsmanship is obvious upon closer inspection, giving one a greater appreciation of Whodini’s work. Detailed stitch-work, screen printed money folds and the option of a Velcro or Snap fastener creates a truly customizable wallet. Lets face it, either we can accept our “Plain Jane” wallets or pick up a wallet a mustache personality.  See more of Whodini’s unique wallets for men and women at:

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    That’s an interesting seeing how much detail goes into this wallet. The color scheme would seem to entrance those into neutral colors.