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The Brooklyn Circus - Classic Menswear

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Founded in 2006, Brooklyn Circus (BKc) is a mens brand that encompasses modern day fashion with the past inspirations. BKc looks to change the mindset and style of the lackadaisical male, enlightening the individual to a line of clothing that expresses one’s personality non-verbally. In short,  Ouigi Theodore wants the typical American male to dress better.

The Brooklyn Circus - Classic Menswear

BKc “1920 Red Badge” Sweater

Founded by graphic designer Ouigi Theodore and developed by an arsenal of visionaries fueled by a common purpose, this bustling junction of style and character is always an experience.
Beyond embracing techniques of timeless craftsmanship and sophisticated simplicity, The BKc fosters creative relationships, providing a social sanctuary for open-minded forward-thinkers. Every cuff of trouser, roll of the sleeves, and peaking pocket square is connected to a greater story, as they’ve succeeded at tailoring not only cloth and fabric, but lifestyles.

The Brooklyn Circus - Classic Menswear

BKc “Coach Pollard” Shawl Cardigan Black/White


The Brooklyn Circus - Classic Menswear

 BKc Porkpie Hat Grey


BKc’s collection is produced domestically and handmade in a United States factory with over 62 years of experience. BKc remains dedicated to producing top quality, long lasting clothing that will continue to drive business 100 years down the line.

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