Independent Fashion

Envynde strives to bridge the gap between consumers and independent designers. We find most consumers are unaware, and confused when asked about  “Indie Fashion” or “Indie Designers”. Believe it or now, we have had several wacky responses when asked,  “What is Indie Fashion?” In an interview, what participant responded, “I don’t know. I have only  ever heard of the Indy 500 and Indiana Jones.” Another participant responded, ” Indie Fashion are clothes that are made from India.” Topping it off, many think Indie fashion can be purchased from major retail chains.

Friends we have a problem… but there is help!  Envynde will continue to ask these pressing questions while educating the public. In return we ask for your support and your willingness to do the same. By increasing awareness, we  help create a smarter consumer, entrepreneurship, and job growth. Stay with us as we grow, and be sure to click the “Like” button in support of our efforts.
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