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Jessalin Beutler
Jessalin Beutler Custom Painted Shirts
(Women’s Black Acid Dye Chevron)

A complex minimalist, Jessalin Beutler  hand painted tees leave you in a state of limbo.  I find myself staring at these designs for an uncounted sum of minutes, looking for the answer of what makes this design so darn intriguing. It has become evident Beutler has done a fine job of finding what captures one’s attention and keeping it!

Jessalin Beutler Custom Painted Shirts
( Lightning on Black)

 My drawings and paintings involve drawn patterns experimenting with line and color. I am interested in showing different ways shapes can be represented together or how a single figure interacts with its environment. Some single objects can take on a feeling of multiplicity in the way that it is stretched and mutilated while a series of similar forms can become like one object or texture. I am currently exploring the colors, prints and textures of fabric and the movement of these prints as they are worn. – Jessalin Beutler

Jessalin Beutler Custom Painted Shirts
(Grey Stripes Organic) 

No two design are the same, creating a custom design with different strokes of personality for each shirt. If there is something truly to love about Jessalin Beutler designs, it would be the complex simplicity design on every shirt and the time taken to hand paint each individually.

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