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Founded in 2011, LUVD is an creative brand with an interesting concept. Through purchasing LUVD products, you guarantee yourself a fresher look while conquering injustices, poverty and war. Even better, LUVD allows you to donate to the charity of your choice! Take a peek at partnered charity “Falling Whistles”

Be a Whistleblower for Peace from Falling Whistles on Vimeo.

Far from donating to the average charity, LUVD grants you the opportunity to truly make a difference in which ever charity should you choose. In addition to purchasing LUVD, you will continue to convey their core message ” Be yourself, pursue your passions, and live a lifestyle of giving.” If their shirts were hideous I would understand the hesitation, but they’re fantastic.

Inspirational & Charitable Shirts

Confidence and passion
My personal story might be a lot like yours. I was creative, but not confident – passionate, but afraid. I felt the struggle between what I
loved to do and what I was supposed to do, so I did what most of us do – I took the safe road.  That is…until January, 2009. I made the decision to turn down my dream job, drop out of school and sell my possessions to tour full-time pursuing what I love – music. 
Through my travels, I met people all around the world who, due to a lack of confidence, stopped short of their dreams. What they needed to hear…what I needed to hear….was that we are loved. That’s it. No resume needed. It was the fact that whatever I had, whether great or small, was valuable. I dedicated myself to living this way – living loved. Realizing that the road to confidence is exactly that. It’s a journey, not a destination. I was fortunate enough to meet a few individuals with the same vision, joining forces to create what you see now. This is a movement to instill value; a movement to encourage our generation to love practically and lavishly. This movement is called LUVD.
– Cory O’Keefe

Inspirational & Charitable Shirts
 LUVD is a movement, a reminder, and a path of self-improvement stitched into the wearable.
Inspirational & Charitable Shirts

Encouraging and Intentional
LUVD clothing is designed to deliver an encouraging message about your identity and value. The designs are intentional, meant to provoke a thought process and inspire action. We will be releasing seasonal collections, which will also include limited edition pieces and collaboration items created with our charity partners. Each LUVD shirt is printed in California on high quality poly-cotton; a material so soft it makes silk jealous. Seriously….they’re comfortable. With wear, each piece develops its unique story, much like your own. Over time, we plan to expand our range of products to include outerwear, accessories and anything else your little heart desires.
Oh, and check this out. A portion of each sale goes to the cause of your choice! This is more than raising awareness; this is getting involved in an effort to solve a problem. We realize that simply selling shirts will not end sex trafficking or child injustice, but this is about taking the first step in what we hope becomes a lifestyle of giving. Our goal is to bring causes to your attention while adding a little swag to your swagger.

I firmly believe CEO and founder Cory O’Keefe is on to something. LUVD is a great brand with a great concept that reminds us to do what is often forgotten, better explained in the words of Leo F. Buscaglia, “Love yourself—accept yourself—forgive yourself—and be good to yourself, because without you the rest of us are without a source of many wonderful things.”

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