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Witty Brave and Real Mean - MEAN LINGO T-SHIRTS

In this oh so materialistic fashion world we live in, it is so refreshing to see someone making clothes for a cause!  Mean Lingo is taking over the streets with a bold message for the masses.  Chris Carter (founder) puts it best:

Mean Lingo is a t-shirt company that is made to represent those who are both witty, brave, and also to those who want to have their voices heard in the world of apparel.”

To own a Mean Lingo t-shirt says you have personality; it says you have a sense of fashion that cannot be bound by the conventional standards of today’s trends.  These t-shirts are clever, spunky and not intended for the wallflowers.  Be prepared to be pointed and laughed at, but totally in a good way!  How can you keep your composure when you see designs like:

Witty Brave and Real Mean - MEAN LINGO T-SHIRTS
Witty Brave and Real Mean - MEAN LINGO T-SHIRTS

Mean Lingo doesn’t stop at hilarious, gut busting fashions – they take it to another level by using their gifts and resources to promote positivity.   Just recently Mean Lingo launched the “I Can Dream Too” program, in partnership with Texas CAN Academy.  “I Can Dream Too” gives young adults an opportunity to realize their dreams, teaching the importance of  setting goals and how to achieve them.

Witty Brave and Real Mean - MEAN LINGO T-SHIRTS

Mean Lingo is breaking new grounds in the Indie Fashion realm, reminding us all that it is not just about making the next hot fashion, but about the lives we touch along the way… while sporting our hot new Mean Lingo gear!

Get behind the “I Can Dream Too” movement people!!! For questions or to offer support please visit: or

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