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Giaroye Clothing: Street Casual Menswear

Giaroye Clothing is a British independent fashion label offering a crisp urban appeal to menswear. Incorporating the first (Gia) and last name (Roye) of its creators Gia Rahman and Oliver Roye. Giaroye positioned itself for launch in 2008. Armed with a panda and a dream, Gia & Oliver vowed to advance the world of urban menswear by bridging the youth of the inner city with British tailoring.

Giaroye Clothing: Street Casual Fashion Mens wear
  As young designers we were initially tempted to start a clothing fashion label focusing on ladies wear, as it seemed like the most logical thing to do at the time. Fortunately, our attention quickly turned to menswear because we realized that there wasn’t many men’s designers which we felt captured the styles and mentality of the young Brit male.  We wanted to create a brand based on our fundamental vision for men’s clothing being Contemporary, Good quality fabric with attention to detailing and finishing.- Pause

Mission Accomplished. Giaroye does a fantastic job of creating a tailored urban jacket for that mid-twenties individual who seeks a crisp urban identity. Truly it’s the best of both worlds. In addition to their sports jackets, Giaroye offers some really cool tees. Our favorites by far are the Skully’s!

Bear Shirt
Their Cut & Sew Crew is pretty awesome as well. The 3-D scissor effect is a really cool addition to the shirt.
Dotted Bear Shirt
Overall we are pretty stoked over the Giaroye brand, the company has found creative ways to capture the attention of today youth while providing a street casual alternative. We look forward to Giaroye’s 2013 release and Gia’s and Oliver’s fashion forward ideas for the near future.
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