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John Cho Moore Handmade Bamboo & Canvas Bags

Based in San Francisco, John Cho Moore crafts some of the  finest bamboo and canvas bags in the western hemisphere. Well  ok… maybe within the 50 states. Founded in year 2010,Moore has been steadily hammering and shaving away in pursuit of creating a product of great integrity and quality.  By accepting and utilizing the personality of the raw materials used, Moore encompasses the great qualities of  design and with a hint of personality.

John Cho Moore Handmade Bamboo & Canvas Bags

 I really wanted to be able to work on products that were well made and had some integrity to them, and something that somebody would want to keep for a long time. Something that actually gets better with time.

By forcing materials to act in a manner that may not reflect its natural personalities, it becomes a ticking time bomb. The equivalent of forcing materials together in hope the seam won’t burst. Instead, Moore chooses to accept key personalities of bamboo and design his bags accordingly.  It makes perfect sense to allow what comes naturally, why create extra work? In return, Moore creates a product that is built to last. Given Moore’s industrial  background, Its safe to say he’s seen a fair share of  time bomb products and chose  the latter. We’re ecstatic to have seen his work  firsthand and with all Indie Designers, we wish him great success.

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Beauty Through Bamboo from Turnstyle Video on Vimeo.

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