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In an industry motivated by materialism, a company like “So Lucky To B Me” really stands out.   So Lucky To B Me t-shirts are sexy women’s tee’s adorned with inspirational messages.  They are dramatically different from the other guys because beyond the comfortable flattering fit, they project a message to the world that says:

“I am special because I am the one and only me”.

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When Andie (founder of So Lucky To B Me) established her company in 2008, her goal was to remind women that: “Our value should not be determined by our age, the size we wear or the color of our hair.”  In fact, these very words are the focus of her designs.   So Lucky To B Me t-shirts are a walking reminder to the wearer and to the world that there is beauty in everything around us.  The messages scripted on these tops are as deep and thought provoking as they are relatable; with 9 unique messages to choose from.  I posted a few of my favorites below:
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Back Reads: I believe that life is a gift, the people in it are angels on loan, our 
children are ours for just a  moment…
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Back reads: “If you live a life that is spent accepting and embracing the things you couldn’t change, your life will be one that was lived with Grace.”
In this day and age the reemergence of powerful women is indisputable.  So Lucky To B Me has really tapped into this movement and will no doubt remain a dominating force in the fight against low self-esteem.   Follow this link to the full story behind “So Lucky To B Me”.  Do not be alarmed by the sudden, overwhelming urge to jump on the table, pump your fist in the air, and scream “YEAH BABY!”.  But more importantly don’t forget how just lucky you really are!  Please spread the word about this amazing company and sport your So Lucky To B Me tee proudly.  SHOP HERE
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  • Andie

    you are so awesome, thank you so much for such kind words!! lovelovelove it!! xoA So Lucky To B Me Tees…

  • Leah

    I love, love love these tees! The best! Watch this company soar!!

  • Envynde

    @ Andie, You are very welcome and we wish you great success!