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Handmade accessories
Handmade accessories

With today’s economy being, shall we say “less than stellar”, women are looking for affordable ways to update their wardrobes.  This means accessories, accessories, accessories!  So imagine our excitement when we discovered Vangielina Jewelry.  Vangielina Jewelry uses a variety of semiprecious stones and jewels in unique and interesting ways – pairing different colors, textures and patterns to create a stunning piece of eye candy.

When Vangie Carrillo, designer extraordinaire, started making jewelry, it was just a hobby.  As time went on she refined her style, creating a product worthy of her motto “Chic, Edge, Modern and Elegant.”

We are mostly impressed by the self-trained designer’s ability to incorporate so many different relevant trends: animal print, tribal prints, florals, candy colors and so much more.  Vangie definitely has her finger on the pulse; from lady like to punk rock, Vangielina Jewelry has all bases covered.  So ladies, no need to worry about racking up that credit card bill on expensive clothes you might wear once or twice.  Instead, invest in some of the timeless pieces Vangielina Jewelry has to offer.

Vangielina Jewerly has super cute pieces starting at $15.00 like this little number:
Handmade accessories
Take it to the extreme and stack them all the way up your arm:
Vangielina Jewelry Handmade accessories
Or say it all with one elegant statement piece:
Handmade accessories

Vangielina Jewelry offers such an impressive variety of jewelry items it was hard to select our top picks but these were just the tip of the iceberg!  Although her focus is on bracelets, Vangielina Jewelry offers necklaces, earrings and even edgy pieces for the guys.  To see more Vangielina Jewelry
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