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Few things in this world have the power to render me speechless. But when I entered the website for Fashionjenn Handbags my jaw hit the floor and a stream of incomprehensible squeaks was all that left my mouth. I will admit, it took me 5 days just to come up with actual words to convey the pure joy Fashionjenn Handbags brought to me that day… so here it goes!
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    Produced locally in the Windy City, every element of each bag is carefully handcrafted from pattern to finished piece to ensure the highest level of quality.The true beauty of the collection is defined in the detailed finishing and firm belief that a handbag should be highly functional and effortlessly chic…

Fashionjenn Handbags are expertly designed by Jennifer Brickel-Brazys, of Chicago; with the assistance of her supportive husband Robert and fabulous sister Molly. Her unique style is the perfect balance of creativity with class and sensuality with functionality. The end result – a modern work of art. The true splendor of Fashionjenn Handbags lies in the individuality from bag to bag. Each handbag, constructed from the finest quality materials, is offered in multiple colors and textures making every piece slightly different than the one before. No other girl is going to be carrying a carbon copy of your bag. Chalk up another one for indie fashion!

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    What began as an obsession for unique custom accessories and handbags has evolved into an independent affordable luxury label for those with a discerning taste for timeless elegance and style.

Fashionjenn Handbagsare the answer to the problem of “not having a thing to wear” because if you are carrying one of these bags no one will care what you have on! Please for, heaven’s sake, if you are in the market for a high fashion handbag don’t spend your money on an overpriced, “here-today-gone-tomorrow” name brand designer bag. Join the indie design movement and start with Fashionjenn Handbags. For the entire Spring / Summer 2012 Fashionjenn lookbook click here.

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