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Cyclist Weatherproof Clothing

Commuting  to your scheduled destination(s) via bicycle has its advantages and lugging around an extra pair of clothes isn’t one of them. Cycling into work has plenty of perks, with the exception of looking as if you just completed the Tour de France upon arrival. We’ve all been there, the 10 minute walk or bike ride down the street and arriving to your destination sopping wet, or avoiding your fellow employees because you wreak of  body odor and city pollution. Of course, you could leave ahead of schedule and neatly pack a change of clothes, a few towels and  if your lucky enough, hit the showers. Johnathan Shaun of Nonetheless Garments, looks to simplify and transform your commute by introducing breathable business attire for cyclist. Here’s how it works:

Cyclist Attire


Waterproof technology has remained about the same since the very first hard shell. Breathability is achieved through diffusion: moisture and heat create enough pressure that moisture vapor finally passes through the fabric. Soft shells trade waterproofness for greater breathability by making use of convection: a constant exchange of air allows more moisture vapor to escape. In 2011, Nonetheless Garments will deliver the best of both worlds to the core commuter. –Read more

 Weatherproof Clothing For Cyclist

In addition to breathability, Nonetheless garments are waterproof, odor/wrinkle-resistant (
the Wool/PET suiting material wicks moisture quickly, has highly breathable attributes, and naturally kills odor.) and pants design includes a signature five-pocket design for small carries. Other notable features are:

  • A patent-pending ventilation system underneath the armpits with gusseted armpit areas
  • Our exclusive designed Gull Wing Gusseted crotch for more freedom of movement.
  • Purpose Aggressive Gripper waistband for non-slipping performance.
  • Anti-Sprocket leg openings (7” inch openings)
  • Deep pocket bags for safer storage.
Weatherproof Clothing For Cyclist

Nonetheless Garments and its Sustainability and Social Responsibly commitment is based on the triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit). Nonetheless Garments are also designed as Cradle-to-Cradle products with Zero Waste as the ultimate mission without compromising aesthetics. The design process and product life cycle, utilizes the right materials, efficient production, and responsive distribution. These pieces are made to last, created for low impact use, and avoid the landfill when possible.

Weatherproof Clothing For Cyclist


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