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In short, she’s out to make your rainy days a little less wet and a lot more delightful.  

When Lauren Briere dared to ask the question “When did rainy days become so sad?” she was prepared with an answer to the problem – Over Our Heads umbrellas; a line of designer hand painted umbrellas for happy people.  Emphasis on “happy people”; says so right on the website!  
Over Our Heads provides a variety of whimsical themed umbrellas offered in a spectrum of different color options.  With designs for men and women, anyone can be proud to sport your Over Our Heads creation.  Lauren, described as an avid daydreamer, draws from her fond childhood memories and favorite movies when she paints; remembering how “rainy days were full of pitter-pattery wonder” helps her create what you see here…
Over Our Heads Umbrellas For Happy People
 Umbrellas For Happy People
Unique Umbrellas 

Her mission is to transform the umbrella from a solemn guardian into something whimsical and beautiful. Each Over Our Heads umbrella is made with her original artwork on the inside of the canopy, surrounding you with colorful scenes when you need them most: on those dull, gray days. The outside is left simple and reserved so that you only have to share the love if you want to.

I love what Lauren Briere is doing.  The idea to keep it business on the outside and party on the inside is right up my ally.  What I love most about Over Our Heads is their simple mission – to bring a little cheer on what would otherwise be another gloomy rainy day.  Normally an umbrella would merely be a tool to keep you dry but these little babies add a touch of personalty to your outfit.
Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, 2 of Lauren’s creations are currently in production!  We applaud Over Our Heads’ for achieving such an amazing accomplishment and we hope you will support them as they grow.  You can start by buying the “Starry Whale” umbrella for your father this Father’s Day, or just treat yourself to a little “Green City” ditty!  Whatever you do, make sure you bring the good news of Over Our Heads umbrellas to the world.  After all, there’s plenty of sad stuff in the world, so let Over Our Heads bring a little happiness to yours.
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