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The Versalette – An All-In-One Wardrobe


Pop quiz! What comes in 4 colors, can be worn 15 different ways, and sparked a revolution in the fashion industry? Answer – The Versalette by {r}evolution apparel. This is the only eco-friendly garment on the scene (that I know of at least) that can be worn as a scarf, several different dresses, several unique tops, 4 completely different skirts, and a handbag.  I know… you’re thinking “Shut UP!” But wait, there’s more…

Revolution Apparel Mulitiple Garments

Team {r}evolution apparel

Revolution Apparel The VersaletteThe story began across the globe where a friendship blossomed between 2 girls who landed in Australia separately but with one common goal – to find something better than the semi-charmed American life. The idea for the Versatlette came about when owners Shannon and Kristin realized there were serious flaws in the ways people lived and consumed. Putting their heads together they came up with a way to build a business that would positively impact everyone along the way.  They teamed up with Alice Ely (Logistics), Steven Celano (Filmmaker), and Johanna Hatzenbuehler (Design Consultant) and the Versalette was born. 
We became fast friends, but after a few months, went our own ways to travel and start new chapters in our lives. Over the next year, we separately explored five continents:bartending, teaching English, learning languages, volunteering on farms and in orphanages, making friends and falling in love.
The relationships made with the natives from the countries they traveled changed their entire belief system and the Revolution began. The ability to shop for non-necessities or consume products conceived through ecologically irresponsible means was behind them. The Versalette was the product of this new mind set – an all-in-one product that travels well, cuts down on consumption, and is versatile enough to replace most of your wardrobe. Better yet! It allows you to change outfits numerous times during a date to see if he notices!  Check out the plethora of different ways to wear your Versalette!

Join the {r}evolution!

Revolution Apparel The VersaletteIs your mind completely blown?! Imagine how many eco-conscious conversations will be going on around the world because of the Versalette. From “I love your outfit!” to “You can wear that 15 different ways?” to “Word to you eco-friendly threads, girlfriend!” What this team is doing really is, well, Revolutionary. Shannon and Kristin invite us all to join the revolution by spreading the word of how “clothes are made, used and thrown out.” Click here to learn how you can join the revolution. Meet the team on their West Coast Sustainable Fashion Tour this Summer where they welcome your thoughts on “What will it take to really, truly, impact the apparel industry.”
Thanks to Kickstarter the Versalette is now in production so pre-order your Versalette now. Read more about {r}evolution apparel and learn what you can do to aide in the revolution. Viva la Versalette!!!
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  • Ceciliette

    i´ve seen dresses wich can be transformed in 10 20 ways.. but not a piece that can be different wardrobe pieces as scarf, top, dress, skirt.. this one is way better!


  • Cookie

    Did it rock your world? My head is still swimming! Tell your friends about it. Let’s get a Versalette in the hands of fashionistas EVERYWHERE!!!