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 After tossing several neck pillows away, I created The Robdechi. Which is a lightweight, fashionable, affordable and comfortable product made from soft fabrics. And best of all, when you don’t want to wear Robdechi it can be easily folded into your purse, back-pack or carry-on. Again, travel does not have to be stressful nor complicated.

If you’ve hadn’t thought twice about introducing a scarf into your wardrobe, Robdechi  may be a cause of reconsideration. As an answer to flimsy, non- compact neck pillows, Roberto Alvarez has created quite possible the most comfortable scarf or hoodie you may ever wear during your travels. Pronounced as “Rob + de-chee”, Roberto Alvarez embarked on a journey to create a stylish yet comfortable solution for his everyday travels.  By incorporating a removable & inflatable neck pillow into the scarf, Roberto creates what was once considered an accessory into an everyday functional utility.In a matter of seconds and a few quick puffs of air, Robdechi allows the user to enjoy immediate comfort anywhere at anytime.
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Leaving no stone unturned, microfiber cleaning cloths are stitched on the base of  each Robdechi scarf. A perfect addition for cleaning your sunglasses and mobile devices. Also tucked away in every Robdechi is a concealed pocket for your wallet, passport, or mobile device.

Scarf Scarves For Men


Available in different colors and styles, Robdechi is sure to have a color combination that reflects your personal taste.

Scarf Scarves For Women
Robdechi Fancy Scarf
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Robdechi color & pattern combinations

If scarves aren’t your style, feel free to take advantage of the optional hooded version with the added privacy cloth.  The privacy cloth seems to provide the perfect length of shade without looking overly suspicious. Though I don’t envision myself walking around with the privacy cloth activated,  the idea of it does seem intriguing.

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