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 Suddenly running out of inspiration to feed your artistic endeavors can be extremely overwhelming. Bearing the same burden as “Writer’s Block”, you may find yourself  spending countless hours staring into space trying to reconjure what once was. As a designer, running low on inspiration can be a daunting experience but a few tips presented by: NPR’s – Joe’s Big Idea could provide you that much need spark.

Here are a few quick tips snipped from “5 Ways To Spark Your Creativity :

Take a shower.

As the ancient Greek engineer Vetruvius told us, Archimedes was lounging in a public bath when he noticed the water level go up and down as people got in and out. He suddenly realized that water could help him calculate the density of gold. “This alteration [of thoughts] may be very useful for churning the creative process,” says Jonathan Schooler, a psychology professor at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Work in a blue room.

As we grow up, colors take on specific associations — red means danger, and blue connotes peace and tranquility. Those associations affect how we think. In one experiment, people facing a red computer screen did better at detail-oriented tasks like proofreading.

Live abroad.

Want to discover a new planet? Live in a foreign land. That’s what German-born astronomer William Herschel did while living in England in 1781 — he found the planet Uranus. He’s just one of many great scientists, artists, writers and composers who spent significant time living far from their native turf.

Watch a funny video.

Mood matters when it comes to creativity. Anxiety focuses a person, but good cheer and contentment liberate creativity. It “might not just relax your scope of interest, but actually broaden it further,” allowing you to look at a problem in new ways and come up with a solution, says Beeman.

Sleep on it.

Sleep helps generate new ideas in several ways. During sleep, the brain consolidates memories. That act of consolidation actually reorganizes thoughts, much like organizing books on a shelf. The new arrangement can help extract knowledge and generate new associations. And that half-awake period right before you fall asleep or when you wake up may also help you focus on a problem.


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