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Coco and Breezy Custom Designer Sunglasses

Living eight years into the future, Coco & Breezy are looking to conquer the world of fashion  with some of the edgiest eyepieces you’ve seen to date. Either bezeled-out with chains or spiked studs, wearing a pair Coco and Breezy sunglasses will guarantee you a boatload of attention.
What remains evermore intriguing about the dynamic duo is how it all began. Tired of spending countless days in tears from the mockery of their childhood peers, Coco & Breezy found solace and an alter-ego behind a pair of customized shades.

Independent Designed Custom Designer Sunglasses

Gracefully touched and handmade by Coco & Breezy, the twins take great pride in physically touching and designing each eyewear piece.

Coco and Breezy Custom Designer Sunglasses

Other people think its weird,  I think its  normal.  So when someone has a plain white T-shirt and jeans and they look at me like, “Ill why do you have that on?!” I want to say, “Why do you only have a white T-shirt and jeans on?”

Coco and Breezy Custom Designer Sunglasses
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