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It’s official!  Envynde is launching our first ever guest blogger challenge in which 5 lucky finalist will be featured on Envynde.  They will compete against each other to see who can drive the most traffic to their post in the allotted time.  Bloggers from coast to coast will compete to win $150.00 cash, bragging rights and some other surprises along the way…
Envynde is launching this challenge to help bloggers gain exposure in the blogosphere and at the same time you can help Envynde with our core goal – to strengthen the independent fashion design community.  Envynde team members are sitting on the edge of their seats, bracing for impact when your flood of emails start rolling in.  We are so excited to see what we can accomplish together.
Sign up today!!! No strings attached guys; we’re not asking for your first born or anything.  It is so easy to enter: Click Here for details.

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  • Envynde

     No worries Toby! We look forward in doing this again! In the meanwhile, subscribe and we’ll keep you posted on the latest! Lastly, the Envynde Guest blogger Challenge is open to those who reside in the UK!

    Cheers and Good Luck!

  • WindChimer

    Is the challenge open to bloggers in the UK?

  • Guest

    Is the challenge open to bloggers in the UK?

  • TobyGen

     Really want to join in on the fun, But i’m out of town this week. =(