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ANI Vegan Shoes

As Nature Intended aka ANI are the latest Eco-Friendly shoes surfacing on the Indie scene. Made with 100% organic canvas and fully recyclable packaging, designer Yama Sharifi takes great pride in delivering a fresh and hip alternative to those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint(s). Leaving the rest of the shoe to be either adored the topic of conversation among the curious, Yama appropriately brands his creations only on the tongue. In doing so, Yama joins a list of independent  designers (Greg Salas) who believe labels shouldn’t interfere with the design of the shoe. I whole heartily agree, the focus should be that of the shoe and not of the brand.

As Nature Intended Stylish Barefoot ANI Shoes

Available in three colors ( Red, Blue, and Green),  ANI shoes are designed to be both stylish and comfortable. Touting to be a stylish barefoot alternative, ANI shoes are designed with nearly flat soles to allow natural comfort and positioning of your feet.

Barefooting is the way nature intended us to move.  Conventional footwear prevents our feet from functioning optimally, harming mobility and posture. Barefooting allows the body to readjust to its natural form. -ANI

As Nature Intended Stylish Barefoot ANI Shoes
As Nature Intended Stylish Eco Friendly ANI Shoes

 Our mission is to provide STYLISH, VEGAN, ECO-FRIENDLY BAREFOOT shoes to the world. 100% organic canvas and recycled packaging!  We envision a world where everyone can move naturally and appear fashionable at the same time. -ANI

As Nature Intended Stylish Eco Friendly ANI Shoes
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