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Chivas Stylish Knee High Socks

Matt Gilman is on a mission to retire and replace your lame socks with a stylish set of Chivas. Baffled by poor design and cookie-cutter selection, Matt set out to create a stylish knee-high alternative that can be worn with a complete sense of style. In addition to the stylish goat “Chiva” gracing the sock, Chivas were also designed with a promise to remain above your calves at all times. Making Chivas the perfect pair of socks to wear during your skateboarding or biking sessions. Chivas will be available in three colors (black, red & blue) with limited a limited production of each set, making your select pair of Chivas truly unique.

Chivas Stylish Knee-High Socks

 This company was started out of frustration, frustration as there is why a million things to wear in the world, but when it comes to socks, we can never find what we’re looking for. Frustration to why people will sport a $50 T-shirt with $200 jeans, and $150 shoes and think that its ok to match them up with a pair of stretched out, holed filled, white cotton anklets. – Matt Gilman

Chivas Stylish Knee-High Socks

 Socks should be something you love to put on each morning and give you a reason to do laundry more than once a month. Whether you wear them under a pair of jeans or with a pair of shorts, Chivas will give you that extra bit of expression your wardrobe sometimes lacks. The whole idea is that socks are important, you wear them everyday, so it is time to stop making them an afterthought. -Matt Gilman

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