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Sizzle Strapz Camera Bags

The real money in the fashion bizz is finding your niche.  You can have the most incredible product but if there are 100 other people are making the same thing, then you just become a smaller fish in a bigger pond.  I think it might just be safe to say that if you are Rich of Sizzle Straps, you are something like a great white massacring all other camera bag companies!

We were browsing when we stumbled upon Sizzle Straps kickstarter campagin.  At first I was just blown away by the sophisticated leather shoulder bag but I found myself further impressed by the functionality of this bag as a camera bag.  WHAT?!?

Sizzle Strapz Camera Accessories
I have a lot of photographer friends and the fact of the matter is – photography and fashion just go hand in hand.  If you walk into a test shoot with one of these straps around your neck you get instant fashion street cred.  Lawyers wear suits, Doctors wear lab coats,  photographers need to look the part and snag a Sizzle Strapz  camera bag.
Sizzle Strapz Camera Accessories
The bags and straps are customizable, durable, water proof and made in the USA.   You also have the option pay a little extra for an embroidered monogram for another personal  touch.   This guy’s thought of everything!
Sizzle Strapz Camera Accessories

If you are anything like me, you are a person with a strong since of personal style.  Which means you HATE HATE HATE having stuff that everyone else has.  Sizzle Strapz are offered in so many different styles, you can get the one that matches your personality.  Rich has a strong line of camera bags and straps that are better than anything I’ve seen out there.  Check out the full line of Sizzle Strapz at –

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