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Studio Jellyfish Custom Flashy High Heels


These hand painted beauties are compliments of Studio Jellyfish; founded by husband and wife Philip and Courtney Mason of Miami. These guys hold nothing back. I mean, seriously, you could wear a paper bag with these babies and people will still say “Did you see her shoes?” You can get hand painted walking art in: flats, heels, boots, sandals and even handbags. From pop art to whimsical fairy tale themes, you are sure to fall deep in shoe love.

Studio Jellyfish Custom Spiked Flashy High Heels
Studio Jellyfish Custom Spiked Flashy High Heels
Hand Painted Heels
And if you wade through their impressive selection of styles and still can’t find your shoe soul-mate… you can design your own! And now you too are speechless… Envynde

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  • CookieAtEnvynde

    You should do it!  Half of being fashionable is wearing stuff with character.  These shoes will take your look to the next level for sure!  Do you currently have a favorite shoe designer?

  • chicmeme

    I’d love to send a few pairs of my shoes over to get customized!

  • chicmeme

    Actually No. But I do have some Charlotte Olympic Fall heels on my wish list!
    vist me at