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Lakme Fashion Week 2012 Designers


Our next design team was somewhat more challenging for me to put into words.  Their looks are so futuristic I don’t think words have been invented yet to describe some of the out-of-this world “Intergalacticness” they presented at Lakme Fashion Week.

They started the show with – what I can only describe as – a high fashion, futuristic aircraft marshall type jumpsuit.  They turned up the intensity with every look with a high contrasting lime trim here, a well tailored asymmetrical suit dress there.  I even picked up on their leg of mutton sleeve in their final look – proving that history will repeat itself again.


Our creations are often inspired by the future, a memory of no touch and no sight, 

a path untaken and thus a vision that takes us into an extraterrestrial world.  Its a
crazy never thought of trio coming together to make a statement, three unique
sensibilities fusing collectively to create something new.  The clothing is striking and
uses unconventional fabrics; combining fine tailoring and innovative materials.  We
believe in capturing a wider sense and thus treat clothing as an expression more than
a statement.


Lakme Fashion Week 2012 Designers

These seductive numbers (Not for your shrinking violet) prove that the next generation of India is
longing to express themselves in a new way.  This collection embodies fashion forwardness, a true understanding of fashion history and creativity.  Brovo team!

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