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Aniket Satam

Thanks to Slumdog Millionaire I am a total sucker for Bollywood and Middle Eastern culture.  Truth be told, my fascination with the Middle Eastern culture began when I took a belly dancing class in college and we got to wear cute little scarves trimmed with shiny, tinkly little coins… what can I say?  I’m a simple creature.   The food, gorgeous dark skin, thick heads of luscious hair, but mostly the clothes just sort of sucker punch ya.  YEP!  I’m like a moth to a silken flame!

Either way when I heard about Lakme Fashion Week my ears stood at attention and I couldn’t wait to get to a computer to see what the new blood of India had to offer in the way of Indie Fashion (pun totally intended).  Let’s just say if I were wearing socks it would knock them off.  Aniket Satam is the first of 7 emerging designers I want to share with you guys.

Aniket Satam

I am intoxicated, absolutely intoxicated, by Aniket’s designs.  His style is so classically chic and modern but he stay in touch with traditional Indian roots.  The fabric is unbelievable – light and air and sultry at the same time with metallic splashes (so on trend).  The best parts of this collection are the pieces with more adventurous details such as plunging necklines; and do my eyes deceive me or does he dare to bare legs?  Ladies, this is not your mother’s sari.

Lakmé Fashion Week Designer Aniket Satam
Everyone, say “Thank you High Heel Confidential” for the image!
Lakmé Fashion Week Designer Aniket Satam
Thank you for the image!
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