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Andy Truong Melbourne Spring Fashion Week
Andy Truong Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

So how exactly does a 15 year old emerging designer land a solo at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week?  According to, young Andy Truong of Australia  accidentally clicked his way in. But there’s a catch. Andy Troung will have to single handedly run and fund his solo fashion show himself.

Truong will be the youngest designer to mount a solo show at next month’s Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. With $900 saved from his jobs on a Hoyts cinema candy bar and bagging bread at Bakers Delight after school, he has started a process designers twice his age find daunting. ”I didn’t even know that I’d applied to fund [the show] and do everything myself,” Truong explains.
”I clicked the wrong button [on his online application] by mistake. But, when they told me, I thought whatever it took, I’d still be in fashion week!” –

Hopefully optimistic, Truong moves forward in finding ways to tackle a feat in which many young designers are reluctant to participate in. He understands it won’t be easy, but who cares. Andy Truong will be the youngest designer in Melbourne Fashion Week’s history to hit the runway. What more could a 15 year old designer he ask for?!
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