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SOLZ Footwear

SOLZ: Functional Fashion for Active Lifestyles

Ultra-lightweight and extremely flexible, SOLZ could be the most convenient pair of shoes you may ever own.  SOLZ can be twisted, folded, and rolled up in a plethora of different ways, making SOLZ the perfect travel companion. We’ve all experienced [...]

September 30, 2012 Barefoot, Flexible shoes, Menswear, Shoes, SOLZ, Weatherproof Clothing, Women's Wear
Moodie Tuesday Shirt

Moodie Tuesday: Rebellious Street Tees

There’s a saying, “The best ideas are thought of on the toilet.”  In the case of Indie brand  “Moodie Tuesday”, this quote may hold a bit of truth. After suffering a wretched Tuesday of food poisoning, Jon Thom decided to [...]

September 21, 2012 Chris Brun, Mackenzie Taiaroa and Jon Thom, Menswear, Moodie Tuesday, T-Shirts, Women's Wear
Doll Delight Indie Dress

Dolldelight: Lolita Inspired Street Fashion

Without a doubt, Anime and Manga enthusiast will surely appreciate the steampunk gothic themes of the Philippines-based label Dolldelight. Gathering inspiration from the Japanese street style Lolita, Cyril Lumboy creates a marvelous  collection of uniquely handmade dresses.  Determined to create [...]

September 19, 2012 Cyril Lumboy, Dolldelight, Kickstarter, Lolita, Street Fashion, Women's Wear
Jetsam Sustainable Handmade Vintage Wallets

Jetsam: Sustainable Handmade Vintage Wallets

Steadily merging the world of wallets and vintage clothing, Jetsam is breathing  new light into your father’s 1960 tweed suit. Armed with a background in sustainable architecture, Laura Skelton is creating some of the coolest and greenest vintage wallets you’ve [...]

September 17, 2012 Handmade Wallets, Jetsam, Laura Skelton, Men, Sustainable, Vintage Wallets
Custom Veils at Emma's Bridal Boutique

Custom Veils at Emma’s Bridal Boutique

Writing blogs about your indie design darlings is pretty rewarding, so you can imagine the pure joy I experience when I get to have a one on one conversation with one of you guys; it’s the highlight of my whole [...]

September 16, 2012 Birdcage Veil, Bridal, Bridesmaid Dresses, Custom Veils, Emma's Bridal Boutique, Hat Veil, Prom Dresses, Red Oak Bridal Boutique, Tiaras, Traditional Veil, Wedding Gowns, Women's Wear
LGBT Clothing

HauteButch – LGBT Clothing – By K. Michelle

“Modern Gender Bending Fashion and Footwear” … Couldn’t have said it better myself.  HAUTEBUTCH, an LGBT line for women who consider themselves “butch,” “stud,” or “tomboi” or just people who prefer a more androgynous look, has created a new opportunity [...]

September 10, 2012 Androgynous Fashion, HAUTEBUTCH, K. Michelle, LGBT, LGBT clothing, San Francisco designer
Andy Truong Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Update: Melbourne Spring Fashion Week: Andy Truoug Debut

So how did 15 year old fashion designer Any Truong fare at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week? In the words of fashion writer Summer Wallbank, “Unbelievable.”  Check out Andy’s debut: In case you missed it, read about Andy’s story here [...]

September 8, 2012 Andy Truong, Melbourne Spring Fashion Week
The Lane Style House: Evgheni Hudorojcov and Natalia Rusu

The Lane Style House: Evgheni Hudorojcov and Natalia Rusu

60 global submissions and  4,638 votes later, two winners emerged from The Lane Style House Fashion Designer Contest. In what seems to have been a very difficult decision for the LSH Team,  Evgheni Hudorojcov and Natalia Rusu of Chisinau, Moldova [...]

September 8, 2012 Emerging Designers, Fashion Contest, Natalia Rusu, The Lane Style House Evgheni Hudorojcov
Michelle Obama’s Dress Ann Romney’s Dress

The Battle of Michelle Obama’s Dress Vs. Ann Romney’s Dress

We’ve seen them both and by now we’ve made our silent judgements.  But it’s just me and you now guys so spill it!  In the Battle of Michelle Obama’s dress Vs. Ann Romney’s dress who’s dress stole the spot light? [...]

September 6, 2012 Uncategorized
Nha Khanh Dress

Nha Khanh – Fall / Winter 2012

Not even going to down play it – today I’m blogging about my favorite indie designer, but I promise you’re going to love her.  At the risk of sounding like a stalker – I’ve been watching Nha Khanh since the Dallas [...]

September 4, 2012 Emerging Designers, Nha Khanh, Women's Wear