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… Couldn’t have said it better myself.  HAUTEBUTCH, an LGBT line for women who consider themselves “butch,” “stud,” or “tomboi” or just people who prefer a more androgynous look, has created a new opportunity for gays and lesbians to express themselves.  Let’s be honest, the ‘Forever XXI’s’ of the world are not created for a the LGBT crowd; so where do they shop?  Until now, that was the men’s section of the department store.  The problem with this is… men’s clothes don’t fit women all that well.  Identifying yourself as “butch” doesn’t negate the fact that you have breasts and a waistline.  But thanks to the K. Michelle’s of the world, they have another alternative – a line of androgynous, tailored tops and jackets with some pretty killer shoes to complete the look.  

Butch clothing is an outward expression of an internal attitude.  This segment of the LGBT market is ever increasing yet still is untapped in the 

fashion, retail, and lifestyle industry. Hautebutch is focused on elevating the mainstream
 consciousness and open  minds to embrace a clientele that deserves a brand all its own…  

We outfit to empower women in the androgyny of men’s wear.”

 Just a sample of HAUTEBUTCH:

LGBT Clothing
Other products offered by HAUTEBUTCH:
LGBT Clothing
LGBT Clothing

I’ll be 100% real with you guys, this is not my area of expertise so I’ve reached out to some friends for opinions and everyone said, “That stuff is hot!”  See the full line and get a sneak peak of the Spring / Summer line of HAUTEBUTCH:

Also, if you live in the San Francisco area you will have an opportunity to see the line in person at the ‘Beauty and the Butch’ event next Saturday, September 15th at 7pm.  See the flyer below for more details or contact K. Michelle.

LGBT Clothing

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  • Justin Logan

    Cool collection, must for every fashion lover, such kind of info is always needed to keep up with the latest fashion trend.

  • Cookie

    One word – Amen! We have got to support design like this, especially in such a narrow minded society. Please keep it going,Justin and share HauteButch with your circle!