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Jetsam Sustainable Handmade Vintage Wallets

Steadily merging the world of wallets and vintage clothing, Jetsam is breathing  new light into your father’s 1960 tweed suit. Armed with a background in sustainable architecture, Laura Skelton is creating some of the coolest and greenest vintage wallets you’ve seen yet. Re-produced from 70’s era classic neckties, vintage shirts and suits, Jetsam creates a perpetual addiction for suit and tie enthusiast. For every tie and suit that you own, Jetsam will have a wallet that compliments the occasion.Founded in 2007 an a micro-enterprise and nearly four years later, Jetsam is becoming a new staple in the world of wallets.

Jetsam Sustainable Handmade Vintage Wallets

I’m all about sustainability, so I’ve made Jetsam as Eco-friendly as  possible. Jetsam is a 16th-century term for unwanted material that was  thrown overboard to lighten a ship’s load. Each Jetsam wallet is a  product of unwanted or discarded materials, such as end-run fabrics,  cast-off clothing and vintage textiles.

Each Jetsam wallet is handmade and shipped in a recycled box, confirming Skelton’s pledge to keep the brand Jetsam as Eco-Friendly as possible. Find more of Jetsam’s handmade wallets at

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