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SOLZ Footwear

SOLZ Functional Fashion for Active Lifestyles

Ultra-lightweight and extremely flexible, SOLZ could be the most convenient pair of shoes you may ever own.  SOLZ can be twisted, folded, and rolled up in a plethora of different ways, making SOLZ the perfect travel companion. We’ve all experienced different instances where we wish we had brought a second pair of shoes. I’ve never met a person who was ecstatic about lugging around an addition pair of shoes or making their car trunk an extension of their closets, and this is why SOLZ are a perfect fit.

SOLZ Shoes Footwear

 SOLZ shoes are ultra-lightweight, flexible casual shoes.  They can be bent, folded, and rolled up, and are designed to move naturally with your feet as you walk. They are weather and water friendly and are all machine washable. Each pair comes with a matching ballistic nylon clip-on “capsule” bag.

Life should be fun, light and comfortable – and so should your shoes.  “Lighten up, let your SOLZ shine.”

SOLZ Functional Fashion for Active Lifestyles

Having to back-track home for a pair of shoes that meet night life standards is never fun and can be tiresome. If you’re one of the lucky few who live minutes away, this may not be issue. But if you are part of the majority who have to sent through gut-wrenching, soul sucking traffic, SOLZ “Sneakinz” may be a worthy investment.

But wait, there’s more. SOLZ also produces a line of solar powered backpacks. Charge your devices and carry a pair SOLZ has just gotten a bit easier.

SOLZ Solar Backpack

 “The bag is designed with three 1.5-watt solar panels that will give a total of 4.5 watt charge to a removable lithium-ion battery; the battery is versatile and also can be charged by a computer or any power source available. Once the battery is charged, it can be connected to almost any small personal electronic device using a variety of power adapters that come with it. The bag also includes a front pocket, specially designed to hold a pair of SOLZshoes. The bag contains a dedicated padded laptop or tablet sleeve and an additional sunglass and accessory pocket.”

SOLZ Functional Fashion for Active Lifestyles

‘The battery is removable and can be used without the backpack as well.  This itself is a very useful and handy little lifesaver.”

SOLZ Solar Backpack
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