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The Battle of Michelle Obama’s Dress Vs. Ann Romney’s Dress

Michelle Obama’s Dress Ann Romney’s Dress

We’ve seen them both and by now we’ve made our silent judgements.  But it’s just me and you now guys so spill it!  In the Battle of Michelle Obama’s dress Vs. Ann Romney’s dress who’s dress stole the spot light?  NOW BEFORE YOU CLICK OFF THIS POST, this is not a political post!  Oh no, on the contrary, it’s a blatantly superficial blog about who’s dress is prettier!  Let’s break it down:

Michelle Obama’s Democratic National Convention Dress

Michelle Obama’s Dress Ann Romney’s Dress

This Tracy Reese Number is light and summery.  It show’s a surprising but appropriate amount of skin.  It’s form flattering but not too tight, and accentuates her natural hourglass, toned arms and calves.  But Michelle Obama turns the conservative dial back up with a flared hem below the knee.  Make no mistake, the first lady’s a knock out, but she doesn’t throw it in your face with this perfectly selected ensemble.

Ann Romney’s Republican National Convention Dress

Michelle Obama’s Dress Ann Romney’s Dress

Ann Romney chose her Oscar de la Renta dress with care, dazzling the crowd in a fiery shade of crimson.  It is no question this brilliant hue was purposefully paired with such a conservative silhouette.  Half sleeves to elongate, belted waist to create the hour glass and a high neckline to keep the attention on her beautiful face.  Even her jewelry says she doesn’t scrimp on the details.

So I’ve given my unbiased opinion.  Now I want yours!

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