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MetroTude by Golden Cut Convertible Clothing For Less

Founders of Golden Cut and the wonderfully designed MetroTude, are finding ways to simplify the most daunting decision you have have to make every morning. “What am I going to wear?!” According to The Telegraph, experts found that women spend almost a year (287 days) staring into their wardrobes, with the average women spending 16 minutes deciding on what to wear on weekday mornings. Mila, Valerie and Maria of Golden Cut tale these issues along with offering an affordable, domestically produced, eco-friendly alternative. 

How this benefits you:

  • Benefits your busy life by saving time!
  • Benefits environment: no ironing, made of recycled material + no waist during production
  • Benefits our economy by creating jobs.
  • Benefits your wallet: saves your money.
  • Benefits your closet and the luggage by saving space
  • Benefits fashion industry: 15+ looks in one garment.
MetroTude by Golden Cut Convertible Clothing For Less
“Whenever one of my customer expressed discontent over their clothing’s bad fabric, incorrect fit, high price or limits, I thought about it. Even when I slept, I thought about it. I think about it every time I went clothes shopping. One day, I gathered enough courage and decided to share my dream with my closest friend.
Over the next few months, I came to her with every new convertible design. Every time she shook her head with a resounding no, I came away disappointed but with a better perspective and more determined.
I knew that one day I would find the perfect combination of style, comfort, functionality, and cost.” -Mila
MetroTude by Golden Cut Convertible Clothing For Less

Rest assured the founders of the MetroTube have taken every woman into consideration. Utilizing a fashion forward approach, Mila, Valerie and Maria wishes for every women to partake in the convertible revolution.

My MetroTude began when I have a vision of designing a dress that are both functional and stylish without any compromise of either. I have degrees in both clothing industry technology and graphic design. As a clothing designer, I have always dreamed about clothing that women would enjoy wearing and need at the same time. I always wondered if it was possible.-Mila

MetroTude by Golden Cut Convertible Clothing For Less

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