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Born in Brooklyn, New York, Activist Eyewear creates some of the best present day, futuristic eye pieces I’ve seen to date. In honor of their hometown’s zipcode, Activist Eyewear produces 718 custom limited edition pieces that will never see the light of reproduction. In addition to limited edition frames(designed in Brooklyn, crafted in Japan), Activist Eyewear produces a trademark “Split Fit” design. Split Fit distributes the pressure/forces over a much greater area of the head, thus eliminating excess pressure on the nose. Smart? Yes indeed! I love the technology, design and  the Japanese craftsmanship. As a Ray Ban advocate, I purchased a set last year only to find that the frames were being produced in China( purchased from Nordstroms). The sunglasses have been great, but if i were to do it all over again, I wouldn’t have made the purchase upon seeing China stamped on the frames. Japan + Frames = Better Quality Control. As of today, I’m officially adding Activist Eyewear to my wishlist.More at:


Also check out Activizm Lenses Oleophobic Seal. “Applied in a vacuum chamber, this coating is one of the most advanced components of the Activizm™ system. Its remarkable ability to repel foreign substances means sweat, water and oils bead up and slide right off, while fingerprints and other grime barely stick. Even dust is repelled by the powerful anti-static properties of this final treatment. All to ensure that the unparalleled optics of your Activizm™ lenses stay totally pure.”- Activist Eyewear

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