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So just when I think it just can’t get any better, international fashion tops itself and the new “new standard” is set…  and we call it Mercedes-Benz China Fashion Week .  As usual China is at the forefront of modern fashion, but somehow this year they’ve raised the bar even higher.

China Fashion Week kicked off with a sonic boom this year featuring the 2013 S/S NE˚Tiger collection by Mr. Zhang Zhifeng .  I simply insist you stop whatever trivial, meaningless task you are doing and watch this video…

Now you can’t tell me that you didn’t squeal just a little when that giant poofy canary yellow dress came out.  Mr. Zhang Zhifeng is truly a master of design, capturing all of the elements of nature in  this collection.
Mercedes Benz China Fashion Week
Mercedes Benz China Fashion Week
Mercedes Benz China Fashion Week
NE˚Tiger is committed to using traditional chinese colors and any designer will find themselves inspired by his use of luxurious textiles.  I am truly impressed by his embroidery placement – it could be asymmetrical but it is always perfectly balanced.  NE˚Tiger also continues to follows in traditional Chinese Haute Couture; carrying forward 5000 years of Chinese history in every design.  His designs can only be described as distinctive, unique and contemporary…  To see the entire collection visit

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