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Modrobes Natural and Sustainable Eucalyptus Clothing

Armed with a station wagon and an unlimited fill of optimism, Steven Sal Debus launched what would become known as Modrobes in 1996. Traveling great lengths through the perilous lands of Canada (*added suspense), Steven began selling his Modrobes pants from the back of his station wagon until the explosion of it’s popularity. Fast forward to 2001 and Steven is in a bit of an quandary. Modrobes begins to suffer from rapid expansion and a looming threat of outsourcing it’s manufacturing.  It was then that Steven realized that Modrobes was in need of a massive reboot.

Modrobes Natural and Sustainable Eucalyptus Clothing

“We want to give people the option to buy garments that offer the best in ethical and sustainable materials as well as the best performance qualities. Top it off with great styling and fit and you get garments that are better in every way. At Modrobes, that is our ultimate goal.”
-Steven Sal Debus

Relaunched in 2009, Modrobes is now a sustainable clothing company that specializes in Recpoly and Eucalyptex fabric. Take a moment to check out the Modrobes Compare What You Wear chart.
Modrobes Natural and Sustainable Eucalyptus Clothing

Benefits of Eucalyptus?
(via Modrobes)

Modrobes Natural and Sustainable Eucalyptus Clothing

1)Natural Odor Resistance: absorbs moisture inside the fiber so that bacteria cannot grow. All polyester based fabric actually attracts bacteria and is very hard to remove. Chemical sprays are added to cover and block bacteria but over time the chemicals wash off or are absorbed by your body and then the polyester smells..really bad! Eucalyptex fabric will continually absorb your sweat before bacteria can grow for the lifetime of the garment.
2) Superior comfort for your skin (hypo-allergenic). The eucalyptus fiber is extruded so that you get a smooth and ultra soft finish on your skin. Unlike wool, polyester or cotton, Eucalyptex keeps your skin more comfortable because of the combination of natural factors working together.
3) Moisture management: It’s controlled nano-fibril structure moves moisture away from the body through a natural process and without the use of chemical sprays that will wear off after a few washes.
4) Natural and Sustainable: From certified farms and throughout the fabric making process eucalyptus lyocell uses a fraction of the resources of almost every other fabric on the planet including far less water, land and chemicals and is biodegradable and CO2 neutral.The fabric has received numerous environmental awards.

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