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Lumative Snapback

Without a doubt the Lumativ Snapback is going to be a huge hit among Tron fanatics alike. In no means am I trying to discredit Scott Campbell’s work of art, if anything I would like to thank him for making this look quite awesome!  Having seen many hats utilizing LED technologies, there was always a few underlying problems. Either the board incorporated in the cap was too bulky or the replacement of  the batteries proved to be too much of a hassle. It appears that Scott has taking these issues head on (pun intended) and has developed a well thought out solution.

Lumative Snapback

Though we don’t have enough information about what’s under the hood of the caps, it does appear to be well constructed and obstruction free. Utilizing a lightweight  electrical system fused within the hat, the Lumativ Snapback appears to be a neatly engineered cap offering maximum comfort for the wearer.
Glow in Dark Snapback

Offering 8hrs of luminous light, the Lumativ powerchip is equipped with an On/Off switch and a micro USB rechargeable port. No need to worry of battery replacement, just plug your Lumativ Snapback into a USB port and complete the charging process in 30mins. Sweet? Yeah we know.

Glow in Dark Hat

STATE OF THE ART LIGHTING TECH  |  What makes our light so different?  Unlike other lights with a single point of light, our light creates an even, luminous energy.  Visible from and extreme distance and bright enough to find the lock on your car door.  The light is even noticeable during the day and in brightly lit rooms.  -Lumative

Glow in Dark Hat

CUSTOM 6 PANEL DESIGN  |  A new design for a new kind of headwear.  A major step in the design/proto phase was finding the right hat design.  We felt a hat featuring this advanced technology deserved a specialized design and premium quality.  Our custom 6 panel construction and ergonomic brim create a sophisticated style.-Lumativ

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