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Articulate Wallets

One thing seems to be certain these days, there is no shortage of awesomely designed wallets. Kramer and Kevin of Articulate Wallets  have officially launched a Kickstarter campaign in support of their latest creation, the  “Articulate Wallet”.  Tired of cheap leather and velcro wallets, Kevin and Kramer set out to create a unique, and stylish alternative that would resonate among their peers. After six months of creative brainstorming and improving upon several key features, Kramer and  Kevin presented their wallets to the world via

Articulate Wallets

In search for a sleek, stylish and affordable wallet, all we could find were money clips and credit card holders.  These worked great for holding your cards, but folding and unfolding your cash wasn’t efficient and added bulk.  We also explored the option of high-end designer brands due to their great quality, however couldn’t rationalize paying $200 for a wallet.  The idea with Articulate Wallets is to cut out the brand inflation of designer wallets, and to offer a high- quality, genuine leather wallet that looks great and does everything you need it too do–all at an affordable price. –  Kramer & Kevin

Articulate Wallets
Once you get past the beautiful hues of brown, flip the wallet over and you’re greeted with a finger slide feature for your favorite piece of plastic. Ironically, it pays to discover. I really do  have a love-hate relationship with this feature. I will grow to love the convenience of finger swiping my card, but come to hate the charges accrued due to an elevation of  “wallet swag”. Let the flaunting begin….

Pure Convenience
We got annoyed with pulling the same card in and out of our wallets several times a day. During the week we use our debit cards, while on the weekends we mostly use our ID. With this in mind, we integrated a pocket on the back of the wallet which allows the user to easily access their most used card. With the finger slide feature, you can either slide the card out halfway to swipe it, or conveniently remove and replace the card without ever having to open the wallet. You won’t want to go back to a conventional wallet after using this feature…we promise. – Kramer & Kevin

Articulate Wallets

Articulate Wallets

Unique X design

In order to keep the wallet lightweight, low-profile and simple, we needed to minimize the amount of leather used.  Using an X elastic design, we eliminated unnecessary pockets, making your cards easy to store and easily accessible. –Kramer & Kevin

Find out more about  Kramer and Kevin’s brand “Articulate Wallets”  at

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