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The prevailing criticism of Independent labels is that they are not able to compete on a larger scale. I personally think that this is nothing more than rubbish, especially with up and coming brands like Black & Denim. Black and Denim is a Florida based Indie label that prides itself for being American owned, made, and inspired. Unfortunately the same can not be said of the brands that are stocked in our local department stores.  What really drew me in to this brand was their selection of jeans but most importantly, the option of black jeans. As crazy as this sounds, finding a pair of decent black jeans have faded into the abyss. With the current trend of blue jeans, it is extremely refreshing to have a Independent label buck the trend. Then again, this is why we buy Indie right?

We have been working on this project since March 17, 2008, when the recession hit. We understood that the best way to rebuild America was from the ground up. At the lowest point in modern history, we started working with vendors that were left dry by huge companies for overseas options in manufacturing. We brought to them this idea. They saw the vision and followed our lead. We wanted to create a brand that is as resilient as the American dream. – Black & Denim

The Betsy Ross ad Loose Lips tees have become two of my favorites. The designs echo American history without being overly patriotic. Black & Denim strikes the right balance of patriotism while preserving your sense of style.

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