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I have actually said the words “My job is not changing the world…”  I don’t make meals for the hungry children, I don’t build houses for the homeless and i don’t plant trees: I make clothes.  But is there a way to change the world through one of the most superficial industries?  Grazio “Grace” Orsolato, founder of Get Together Girls shows us how.  Watch this clip of what the Get Together Girls is all about; and if you like it be sure to see the entire film this weekend at the Thin Line Film Festival in Denton, Texas.

“When you educate a girl.  You educate a community.”

Get Together Girls

Grace came to the aid of young Kenyan women struggling to survive on the streets and equipped them with the clothing design skills needed to get a job.  She saw a way to get these girls off the streets by showing them another way.  Before they had no food, no shelter and no purpose.  Grace entered into another world full of uncertainty to carry out her mission – to provide these women with an opportunity to make a real and permanent change in their lives.

In Ngong, less than 10 miles away from the capital of Kenya, Nairobi, an Italian woman, Grace Orsolato, has founded a Community Based Organization after leaving her job in Italy. Get Together Girls focuses on teaching former street girls to be self reliant and support themselves and their families through fashion and creativity, learning all the manual skills that the tailoring projects requires. Among the peaceful environment of Anita’s Home, the rehabilitation center where the girls lived during their childhood, the girls and Grace deal with the colorful and creative activities of GtoG together with the cultural differences and the struggles and fears in their daily lives, always carrying with themselves the will and the awareness that they can hope and aim for a better future and finding the joy and the satisfaction to be able to create something unique together and being appreciated for what they are now with the awareness of what they lived once. Get Together Girls Collection is for them the bridge into a new life.

So what I’m saying is – DROP WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND GET TO THE THIN LINE FILM FESTIVAL THIS WEEKEND!!!  See show times below and follow this link to purchase your tickets.

Get Together Girls


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