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PIN SHOW WEEK IS UPON US!!!  This years Pin Show designers are real class acts and since gushing about indie designers is kind of what we do…  let’s get to it!

YOMONO – Quirky, and detailed Yomono feels like all the best of trends from each era crammed into one clothing line.

The Pin ShowI am a slow-fashion designer dedicated to low-impact and eco-friendly fashion. materials i use include vintage, organic, upcycled, reconstructed, recycled, salvaged fabrics. everything is handmade with love by me and me alone – a real person, not a factory. ask me about custom swimwear, corsetry, and burlesque!

ANN HOANG – Classic and  elegant Ann Hoang by Ann Hoang is chic women’s wear too sexy for youngsters but too hot for mom – a hip go-to for the Dallas Socialite.

The Pin Show

Ann Hoang is a fashion designer specializing in celebrity and red carpet fashion. As a Texas Next Top Designer Finalist,  Ann Hoang’s collection was named most “classic” by Top Trendsetter International. Ann Hoang’s design concept is all about flattering the female figure while maintaining class and simplicity. 

NOINA BRIDAL – Sweet and tasteful a Noina Bridal dress is for the modern bride who values uniquity.

The Pin ShowNoina Bridal collection was founded on a clear vision to create unique, classic, elegant wedding gowns with a focus on detail and versatility. The collection explores new ideas and techniques to create interesting details and silhouettes. Noina Bridal line shifts toward sleeker and more modern styles resulting in a natural crossover between evening wear and bridal wear that define the Noina Collection.

ROCHELLE RODRIGUEZ – Sensuous, fashion forward, sexy, chic, breathtaking… well I hadn’t planned on just blurting out a bunch of adjectives but she’s that good.  Rochelle Rodriguez presents a line worthy of J Lo herself.

The Pin Show

In an industry where unhealthy body types plague the media, Rochelle Rodriguez Clothing stands out above the competition, striving to use ideas and designs which promote a healthy body image. When asked about her designs, Rodriguez shares, ‘My only goal is to create beautiful clothes that women will feel special in—any place and any time.’

MAREK+RICHARD UNDERWEAR CO. –  When fun, funky and sporty meet underwear, you get Marek+Richard Underwear Co.   Gentlemen fight the urge to show off your skivvies in public… or not, it’s your journey!

The Pin ShowMarek+Richard Underwear co. is committed to supplying trendy, affordable men’s underwear, swimwear, and other leisure products to retailers and individual customers. All of our products are designed and manufactured in the U.S. of A, therfore Marek+Richard is participating in the movement to renew American manufacturing one pair at a time.

MILLI STARR – Milli Starr is bringing hats BACK!  Her fabulous headwear IS the outfit, ensuring that no one will care what you have on from the neck down.

The Pin Show

Hats are my addiction and passion, always.  Fashion elevated to Art.

SMITH & BRANDON – Loving how wearable / marketable this line is.  This is THE indie design transition for the brand loyal guy.  A combo of Rocawear and Express Men’s with a kick of indie goodness.  YUM!

The Pin Show

The brand Smith&Brandon was created in the summer of 2009, when Drake Smith had a vision to create something that he could offer to the world, while inspiring the kids in his area of living. “Everyone has a dream, right?” He just wanted to show that it was possible to follow your dreams and live through those dreams. Before the brand came up as an idea for that “Something”, Drake found himself walking into different department stores mesmerized with different articles of clothing always stating, “I would have done it like this.” This statement helped craft the high end street wear brand known today as, Smith&Brandon. 


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