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Entering the fashion realm was never a dream for you fashion designer Tristan Licud, but an aspiring passion for fashion called for change of plans.Already majoring in Architecture, Tristan made the pivotal decision to shift his degree and interest to the world of fashion. Utilizing his architecture experience with lines and proportions, Tristan combined these visual techniques to create timeless and well-balanced pieces.

Tristan Licud & TFL Couture

Tristan Licud & TFL Couture

My background in architecture was very useful, it gave me deep perspective in understanding lines and proportions in drafting patterns. With my knowledge in visual techniques, proper detailing and rendering have been applied in presenting my own fashion designs. “Fashion is a form of architecture where aesthetics, measurements and proportions really matters.” –Tristan Licud

 I started making fashion designs and built my portfolio in 2008. Tons of ideas are colliding in my head that I really want to translate into designs and soon to become creations. I do believe that creativity is the key to get people’s attention and you just need to be consistent in every way as one day you are In or Out in this lucrative world of fashion.

 I was truly inspired by the underwater marvels to create an avant-garde look for the summer. The idea on this garment was derived from the unique features of some life in the ocean, like the alive and vivid colors of different fishes, unusual shapes of the corals and sea shells etc. For me avant-garde is “a touch of art in the garment” where the idea was derived from a certain inspiration that will make the design a never before seen masterpiece. It is not just the beautiful piece on this avant-garde look that I want to share to you, but the message that I associated in this particular piece “To Protect and Preserve the Life beneath the Ocean World.” So this avant-garde look serves as a reminder that there are amazing underwater marvels for us to explore and care about.

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