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Utilizing the best in organic material, Piola is looking to woo us over with a pair of Peruvian-French inspired sneakers. And I think its working. The “Slippery Elm Hightop Velcro” (Displayed above. Priced at $155) is easily one of the slickest pair of independently designed sneakers I’ve seen to date. Composed of wild rubber and organic cotton harvested by local Peruvians, Piola aspires to provide a high quality product while improving the standard of living of the locals.

If your looking to get you hands on a pair of Piolas, you unfortunately have to wait. Piola will be kicking off their Kickstarter campaign on March 14, and the only way to get your hands on a pair is through a campaign donation.  In the meanwhile, check out their latest.

Project Piola in 2 points:
1. We surround ourselves with the best French designers to create unique and avant-garde products.
2. Capitalize on the best organic raw materials to set up a high creative product. We pay wild rubber and organic cotton producers in Peru between 3 to 5 times the prices of normal price. Bonus directly used for saving accounts or productive tools. Our creative project is framed by the UN (US-AID) and the WWF.


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