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Teaming up with independent artist and sublimation printing technology, Jordan of Rave Nectar looks to captivate minds with fresh, bold and vibrant designs.  In collaborating with independent artist from across the world, Rave Nectar is able to produce a plethora of unique masterpieces. Each artist will receive a percentage of each sale and a excellent opportunity to litter the world with cosmic-psychedelic flavored shirts. Check out their latest line-up:


Rave_Nectar_2 Rave_Nectar Rave_Nectar_3 Rave_Nectar_4

The idea for RaveNectar came about in early 2012 Jordan was sewing together shirts to wear at Ultra Music Festival. He found some crazy fabrics at a local textile store and managed to make some half-decent tank tops. The response at the music festival was astounding. Literally dozens of people were coming and asking to buy the shirt off his back or giving him their emails in case he made more.

Rave_Nectar_5 Rave_Nectar_6 Rave_Nectar_7 Rave_Nectar_8 Rave_Nectar_9 Rave_Nectar_10


 **Note: Sublimation printing has one quirk: it leaves some small, white streaks near the armpit of each shirt. They are not noticeable unless you’re raising your arms straight up. We think they look pretty cool, but you can be the judge!**



It’s quite unfortunate, but this quirk has become conventional wisdom to those who utilize this technology. But I really have to hand it to Jordan for taking a pro-active stance in pointing this out.  However, I do find the quirk(shown above) highly entertaining. It plays perfectly into the theory of a tear in space time continuum.


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